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If you're new to the software, our conversion utility will seamlessly carry-forward your clients' 2019 tax information from your old software into the new software for 2021.

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Please note, the free software offer ends on 12/31/21. Enroll now to lock-in your free software!

Our Software vs. the Competition

  1. Our software's online, so you never need to install anything on your computer and you don't have to worry about computer crashes.

    • Not at the office? Instantly access your software and your clients' tax returns, anywhere, anytime, from any computer.
    • If your computer crashes, don’t worry - you haven't lost the software or your client’s tax returns - they’re in the cloud. Just grab another computer and login - your software, and all your returns are safe.
    • Getting started and logged in the first time takes a matter of minutes. There is nothing you need to install.
    • Identity theft is reduced if you elect to leave your clients' returns stored online instead of also saving them on your computer.
  2. You have the ability to quickly set up new preparers with logins and access to the software instantly.

    • You don’t need to install anything on their computer, you can set them up with a username in seconds, and they can access the software instantly. Quickly grow your business by adding employees with ease during tax season.
    • You have visibility to their returns – you can see what they’re doing. You can also control what gets submitted to the IRS by managing the type of user account they have - double-check their returns and then submit them yourself if you'd like.
    • They can work remotely from anywhere - no one is tethered to a network or office location.
  3. Paperless is free and effortless.

    • Returns can be output to PDF, and you can use Adobe Acrobat DC Pro functionality to have your clients electronically e-sign their returns and maintain a paperless environment. If you don't have signature pads, you can use a computer mouse. See the Go Paperless page for more details.
  4. The software is always up-to-date.

    • With other software you have to install updates - there's nothing worse than sitting down with a client only to find you need to update the software.
  5. Spanish forms, return printouts, and Spanish-speaking Account Specialists.

  6. Quickly and easily move all your clients' tax return data into the new software.

    • If you used this software last year with another provider or the corporate office, all your clients' information will carry-forward into your new software automatically.
    • If you did not use this software last year, with our Conversion Utility we can effortlessly convert your clients’ information from last years' competitor's software into your new software.

Additional Details

With free unlimited e-filing, legacy tax software conversion, flexible interview-or-forms formats, cloud storage, automatic error-checking, and multi-state support, this industry-leading software is the clear choice for your tax preparation firm. Key features include:

  • Ability to toggle between interview mode and tax form mode - use whatever mode you find most comfortable.
  • Automatic real-time error-checking - required fields are designated as such so that potential errors and missing fields are highlighted in real-time.
  • Ability to create automated default template entries - pre-populate fields that you frequently fill-in with the same information (ex. your EFIN, your PTIN, your prices, etc.) ahead of time so that they're automatically populated every time you start a new return. This saves time otherwise wasted on redundant data entry.
  • A searchable knowledge base that allows you to find reject codes and troubleshoot issues instantly.
  • Tax return estimate in real-time - let your clients know how much they're getting back as you work on their return.
  • Ability to add tax forms by searching for IRS form number or by using keywords.
  • Convert prior-year returns from your old software into your new software for the upcoming year.
  • Unlimited e-files.
  • All states included.
  • Access to many previous tax years - do back-taxes for your clients - for free, and from any computer.