Electronic Signatures Made Easy

AssureSignTM Capability - Fully integrated & free! No expensive equipment required.


Go Paperless Effortlessly

There are two ways to easily capture paperless signatures in the software - either with the fully integrated and free AssureSign™ signature/workflow tool that is built-in or by using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. You can use one, or the other, or both. Each option is described below.

AssureSign™ - Fully Integrated & Free

New to the tax software for the 2020 Tax Year, AssureSign™ capability will be fully integrated and free. AssureSign™ allows you to securely send PDF's for signature, highlighting where the taxpayer should sign. Your clients can even access and sign their return on their cell phones. With a click of the button in the software, AssureSign™ will route your client's 2020 tax return to his/her email account, your client can then easily open the return on his/her cell phone, and with a few button-presses your client can quickly accept a pre-generated signature and send the return back to you in the software - complete with signatures and sign-off. Easy, quick, integrated, and free.

Adobe Acrobat DC Pro

In addition to AssureSign™ capabilities, every tax return that you create will be output to an Adobe PDF file. Built-into Adobe Acrobat DC Pro is an easy way to have your clients electronically sign his/her tax return - they can even use the computer mouse to sign their names if you don't have signature pads. Of course, if you choose to hook-up an electronic signature pad, that option is also available to you in conjunction with Adobe Acrobat DC Pro.

In the PDF that is created simply click the "Sign" button (located in the upper-right hand corner)... a box will pop-up... select "draw my signature"... the client will then sign his/her name using the computer mouse (or signature pad if you have one)... click OK/Save, and he/she will drag-and-drop the signature each place on the return that requires a signature. Save the file and you're done. It's that easy.

Secure & Transfer-able - If you save the file to an online web storage account such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or PortalSafe, your document is safe, secure, and resides off your computer. Finally, since the PDF files are non-proprietary, you can store and transfer your clients' files freely, no matter what your software/computer situation is down the road (unlike competitors' software that keeps you tethered to their software/storage solution in order to retain and access signed files) - the files are yours and you can store and move them as you see fit.

Easy E-Signatures

Launch all your offices into the 2021 season with paperless and email-routing capabilities - quickly, easily, and without necessarily needing expensive scanners, e-readers, or signature pads.